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Travelers must complete the ASC travel request form for any travel, in-state or out-of-state. This form provides an estimate of the travel costs and should be signed by both the traveler and the department head or representative. Once signed by the department, this form will be sent to the ASC who will produce the official request for out-of-state travel and the request for actual conference lodging where applicable. Travel reimbursement requests can be sent directly from the traveler to the ASC contact and may be scanned and sent to the appropriate email address (vpafap@k-state.edu, vprap@k-state.edu). If scanned copies are sent to the ASC, please retain the original receipts for 30 days to ensure a legible scan is received and then shred any receipts. Please reach out to your ASC contact if you have any questions or reference our quick guide for travel below.

Travel Guide (doc)

Travel Request Form (pdf)