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Administrative Support Center

Invoice Payment Procedure

Invoices and billing statements will be updated for each department to show mailing address for ASC 220 Anderson Hall. ASC staff will match billing statements received to orders placed by the department and to verified packing slips, where applicable. Some invoices may need to be remitted to the department for appropriate verification and approvals. In that case, those invoices can be submitted to the ASC from the department in 4 ways.

1)      Scan* and email to appropriate email address.





2)      Hand deliver to 220 Anderson Hall

3)      Campus mail to 220 Anderson Hall

4)      Fax to 532-1810

For all departments, signature authority has been granted to the Director of ASC based on agreed-upon department parameters or by following prior authorization procedures in the ASC. For any purchases over $50,000, the ASC procedure will always require a second signature from the department head. ASC will be responsible for ensuring appropriate prior approval by department head. Some invoices may be set for payment with one-time authorization and some may require approval communicated each time.

The ASC commits to creating the APV or BPC payment within 5 business days of invoice receipt. If approval process requires rerouting to department for review, this timeline may be delayed.

In cases where the most efficient process is to accept a scanned signature, ASC will accept a scanned signature for travel and BPCs.

The ASC will use the invoice number field in MIP using either actual invoice or structured invoice number assigned by vendor. The entry of invoice numbers will allow MIP to provide a duplicate invoice control.


* See scanning procedure for ASC.