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Instructions for authors

ACTR aims to introduce and disseminate unique insights and empirical facts uncovered through innovative research methods employing any valid theoretical approaches and methods. The criteria for selecting the works publishable in ACTR are as follows:

1. Topical Significance*
2. Sound Conceptualization
3. Methodological Rigor and Creativity
4. Logical Interpretations
5. New Insights and Practical Solutions for an Old and/or New Problem

6. Quality Writing according to any standard styling manual (APA, MLA, etc.)

*Topical Significance refers to any significant topic related to the process and practice of human communication in any social situations. ACTR welcomes research reports concerning controversial, underrepresented, incomplete, outdated, trendy, and futuristic issues that reflect the fast changing world – advanced ICT (information and communication technology), digital age, and citizenship in the global community.

The scope of the topics and methods are virtually limitless, including the tracks in the Communication Studies(interpersonal/relational, legal, organizational, political, and rhetoric) and any related academic discipline.