About Kansas State University ACT Center


The ACT Center at Kansas State University, offers on-line training and certification and licensure testing in many fields. The Center also offers on-line job skills assessments as well as on-line career guidance services.

The ACT Center provides access to an extensive library of on-line training courseware created by leading training software providers. Presently, the library contains nearly 3000 courses that are convenient and cost-effective for both individuals and employers. By using the ACT Center courseware, employers can provide training to a single or multiple employees, in most cases on-site. Over 75% of the courses are web-based and may be completed at home or at the workplace. The remaining 25% must be completed at the ACT Center located in Holton Hall on the K-State Campus. All testing is done at the ACT Center.

Training courseware focuses on seven categories including Adult Literacy/employability skills; computer basics, information technology; English as a second language; industrial technology, occupational training and safety skills; management and leadership; and personal and professional development. Each category in turn contains several subcategories of courses.

The Center also provides the resources of the ACT Work Keys Program. Work Keys provides assessments of several basic employability skills and the supporting courses to enhance those skills. The Work Keys Program also includes job-profiling services whereby a particular job can be profiled to determine the specific skills.

Professional certification and licensure examinations are offered in conjunction with various professional licensure and credentialing organizations. Exams are currently given in such areas as health care, law, engineering, automotive technology and social work to name a few. All of the testing is conducted in Holton Hall.

In today’s competitive economic development environment, the number one issue facing employers is an available, well-trained workforce. The services of the Kansas State University ACT Center provide employers a valuable resource to assist in adding to or reinforcing the work skills of existing and future employees. The ability to do much of the training online gives advantages to both the employee and employer by making the process easy, convenient, and less expensive.

For more information on the Kansas State University ACT Center contact Valentina Burton by e-mail at ksactctr@ksu.edu or by phone at 785-532-7337. Outside Manhattan call toll free, 1-866-230-2323. You may view the Center’s courseware titles by clicking on Courseware Titles or by selected a specific subject area.

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