Online Courses

Kansas State University offers distance courses through Kansas State University Global Campus. Student Access Center is responsible for arranging accommodations for students enrolled in these courses.

  • Contacting the office upon enrollment in the course will assist us in the arrangement of accommodations in a timely manner.  Depending on the nature of the disability and the technology used, course materials may require modification.
  • Students are responsible for emailing letters of accommodation to faculty members, preferably at the beginning of the semester.
  • It is necessary for students to discuss accommodations with professors before accommodations are provided.
  • If students have testing accommodations, they will work directly with Global Campus to set up those accommodations. 

Great Plains and AG* IDEA Courses

If you are a Great Plains or AG* IDEA student and K-State is your home institution, you can register for accommodations through our office.  When you take a course at another institution, contact our office first and we will contact the teaching institution and make arrangements to transfer your accommodations. We want to make this a simple process.  If you have any questions concerning accommodations for Great Plains or AG* IDEA courses, call or email the office.


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