Online Courses

Kansas State University offers distance courses through the Division of Continuing Education. Our office is responsible for arranging accommodations for students enrolled in these courses.

Online courses through the Division of Continuing Education take place online and students do not see their class or instructor in person. Students may be distant or local (Manhattan residents). Regardless of physical location, when requesting accommodations in a distance course you should contact our office.

  • Contacting us upon enrollment in the course will assist in the accommodations being arranged in a timely manner. Depending on the nature of the disability and the technology used in the course, course materials may require modification.
  • Students enrolled in courses offered through the Division of Continuing Education are responsible for finding an appropriate proctor, whether local or distant. The Proctor Agreement form can be found at the Division of Continuing Education website.

Great Plains and AG* IDEA Courses

If you are a Great Plains or AG* IDEA student and K-State is your home institution you can register for accommodations through our office.  When you take a course at another institution, we will contact that institution and make arrangements to transfer your accommodations. We want to make this a simple process for you and our Adaptive Technology Specialist can answer any questions you may have.


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