emPower Cats

emPower Cats is a K-State organization of students with disabilities and their advocates. We help increase knowledge and understanding about disabilities within the Kansas State University Community. We work together to break the negative stigma sometimes associated with the word “disability”. We provide opportunities for socialization, recognize the special characteristics of all K-State students and break social barriers.

Our Goals:

  1. Organize and sponsor activities and events.
  2. Provide resources to the university about disability-related issues.
  3. Unite students with disabilities, their advocates and all K-Staters.

Who can join:

Any currently enrolled K-State student can join as long as they are an advocate of equal rights for people with disabilities.

Why join:

  1. No membership fees
  2. Network with other students, staff and faculty
  3. Boost your resume by serving as an officer
  4. Support people with disabilities and equal rights for all
  5. Educate others on campus and in the community about disability rights

Join us:

Sign up for our email list. Send your contact information to empower@ksu.edu

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President of empower cats

Corey Kidd

Vice-president of empower cats

Vice President:
Chelsey Glatz

Secretary: Ellen Ludwig

Ellen Ludwig