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Note-taking Services

Note taking accommodations are available to eligible students with disabilities. Volunteer note takers are solicited by the instructor of the class. However, many instructors provide notes or PowerPoint slides via K-State Online which may reduce the need for note taking services. 

The following information outlines the steps to take when requesting a note taker.


  • Meet with SAC to request a note taking accommodation.
  • Meet with instructor to discuss the accommodation.
  • If you need the instructor to obtain a volunteer note taker for you, the instructor will read an announcement in class. Your information should be kept confidential.
  • Once a note taker is located, ask the instructor for the note taker's name and email address.
  • Contact SAC with the contact information of the note taker or if no one volunteers.
  • You should notify us immediately if there are concerns or issues in receiving notes in a timely fashion.


  • IMPORTANT: Students confidentiality needs to be respected.
  • Assist the student with obtaining notes for your class. Options may include providing the student with PowerPoint slides, personal notes or arranging for a volunteer note taker.
  • If locating a volunteer is necessary, the following statement can be announced in class or via email to your students. If you take good notes and would like to provide notes to a person in class with a disability, please consider being a volunteer note taker. Students interested in serving as a note taker in this class should contact me.”
  • Provide the student requesting the service the note taker's name and email address.
  • The student requesting a note taker understands that receiving these notes does not take the place of attending class.

Note taker:

  • Provide clear and concise notes.
  • You will be contacted by our office via email with instructions on how to provide the notes to the student.
  • There are several ways that notes can be provided, however, the easiest way to send the notes is electronically.
  • Notify SAC if you drop the class, absent or other concerns.
  • If you would like to receive a volunteer letter for volunteer service hours, please let us know and we can provide you a letter.