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Student Access Center

Meet with an access advisor

Make an appointment

Contact the our office to make an appointment with an access advisor after completing your application and submitting your documentation.

Eligibility and accommodations

Access advisors will determine eligibility and reasonable accommodations, case-by-case, based on the information provided that may include, but is not limited to:

  • A student’s description of need (giving consideration to how the disability impacts the student in the following areas):
    • Communication
    • Physical environment
    • Laboratories
    • Classroom requirements
    • Group projects
    • Reading and writing
    • Use of technology
    • Online environment
    • Campus programs
  • Records of past accommodations and services from another college, high school, or accommodations granted for state, or national standardized tests (such as ACT)
  • Formal psychological or medical evaluation reports
  • Letters from health, education, or other service providers
  • Documentation from governmental agencies (such as Social Security and Veteran Affairs)

Access advisors work collaboratively with students, faculty, and other departmental staff to coordinate reasonable accommodations on an individual basis.