Using K-State Online Settings for Accessibility

K-State Online developers and SAC have worked together to ensure that most adaptive technology works well with their system. Never-the-less, K-State Online is a shell in which we educate students and the content which fills this shell needs to meet the accessible guidelines brought to you through K-Access. In addition to the K-Access tips, the following will help you accommodate students with K-State Online.

Some Basics

Extra Time

To set up test accommodations you will want to pull open the "Assignment Settings" for your test or assignment in K-State Online. In the left column you will find a button or link for "Exceptions." A page will open for you to make the necessary adjustments.

  1. Select the student(s) to receive accommodations.
  2. Select whether you want to "Add addition access to current settings" or "Disregard settings and change the current assignment settings."
  3. Additional access allows you to add time allowed for an exam (an extra 30 minutes for example); whereas, disregarding the settings allows you to create all new settings for a particular student.
  4. Change the available date or expiration date if necessary (this is a rare need).
  5. If your test or assignment is timed, you will want to write in the additional minutes a student can receive. This area will not appear if your test or assignment is untimed. If you chose to disregard settings (option 2) you will want to type in the total amount the student may receive.
  6. Lastly, you can change the amount of times that a student may do the assignment or test.

There are additional options for the exam. If a student has already attempted the test and you wish to grant them additional time and a second chance to finish you can use the first option to keep the original answers that were recorded on their first attempt. You can also send the student an e-mail to notify them with the third option. The second option, of disallowing students to use exceptions if they have already completed the assignment, is not commonly used for an accommodation.