Student Senate Judicial Boards

Committee Members to be Appointed Annually


Judicial Branch

1300 Attorney General

Attorney General
Ryan Reedrreed14@ksu.ed


1400 Student Review Board

At Large, Chair   

Gerald Mesahnge

At Large 

Jordan Thomas

Off Campus, Unaffiliated

Brian Vanorsby

Greek Representative

Brett Brunner

Residence Halls Representative

Colin Halpin

Hears all cases or complaints involving students residing off-campus about university non-academic matters.


1350 Student Tribunal

At Large, Chair
Josh Wilson
At Large
Avery Simecka
Off Campus, Unaffiliated   
Bailey Boomhower
Greek Representative
Joseph Oaks
Residence Halls Representative
John Rosa

Appellate court of the judiciary. Decisions rendered may be appealed only to the President of the University. Tribunal has original jurisdiction in all matters requiring SGA Constitutional interpretation and in all trials.


1450  Residence Life Attorney General

Residence Life Attorney General  
Torrey Peterson

All officers of the Student Senate and the Student Governing Association may be contacted at the Office of Student Activities and Services , K-State Union, ground floor, 532-6541 or .