Executive Committee of the Student Senate

Student Senate Exec Committee– chaired by the Student Senate Speaker


        - Speaker of the Student Senate:   Emilee Taylor, emileet@ksu.edu

        - Speaker Pro Tempore and Student Affairs Committee Chair:   Kyle Nuss, knuss@ksu.edu

        - Student Senate Secretary:   Larissa Dunn, chetagrl@ksu.edu

        - Student Senate Parliamentarian:   Benjamin Brown, bpbrown@ksu.edu

        - Student Senate Intern Coordinator: Abby Works, alworks@ksu.edu

        - Allocations Committee Chair:   Brandon Brunner, bbrunner@ksu.edu

        - College Council Allocations Committee Chair:   Kenna McWhirter, kennamcw@ksu.edu

        - Communications Committee Chair:   Megan Walden, msophia@ksu.edu

        - Governmental Relations Committee Chair:   Jeff Brownlee, jjbrownl@ksu.edu

        - Student Privilege Fee Committee Chair:   Ryan Patterson, rmpat@ksu.edu

        - Senate Operations Committee Chair:   Cody Kennedy, ckennedy@ksu.edu



Shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the seven standing committees of Student Senate and contribute to delegating responsibilities among Student Senate.  All officers of the Student Senate and the Student Governing Association may be contacted at the Office of Student Activities and Services , K-State Union, ground floor, 532-6541 or sga@k-state.edu .