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Promotion and Tenure
Promotion and Tenure Checklist
Notice of Reappointment and Non-reappointment
University Handbook Section C70-C162.5 on Tenure
University Handbook Section C92.1 on Mid-Probationary Review
Faculty Handbook Section C120-C156.2 on Promotion in Rank
Organization and Format of Tenure and Promotion Documentation 
Promotion and Tenure Transmittal Form ( .doc | .pdf ) 
Delay of Tenure Clock



Contracts for Faculty and Unclassified Professionals
Declaration of Conflict of Interest and Time Commitment ( Instructions | Form Part A |Form Part B ) 
K-State Consulting Request Form ( html | .pdf
Organization and Format of Tenure and Promotion Documentation ( html | word
Promotion and Tenure Transmittal Form ( word | .pdf )

Departmental Evaluation, Promotion & Tenure Documents

Check Sheet and Related Policies (.pdf
Approval Signature Sheet ( html | .pdf)

Leave Request Forms

Phased Retirement Request Form
Sabbatical Application, Leave Agreement
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Shared Leave Request