Student Rating Systems:

Faculty members and graduate teaching assistants are invited each semester to use the standardized student ratings systems made available at Kansas State University. Individual teachers contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning to initiate use of the IDEA System. Departmental offices organize the administration of the TEVAL System. All reports are processed by the Center. Examples of both student survey forms should be kept on file in every departmental office. Also, examples of the survey forms are available on the Center's web site ( Questions or comments about either system may be directed to Dr. Victoria Clegg, 215 Fairchild Hall, 532-7828,

The IDEA System was developed primarily as a tool to be used for individual teaching improvement or enhancement. Two survey forms are available. The longer student survey form has 42 standard items with the option for as many as 19 additional items designed by the instructor. An eight-page Report is produced. The short student survey form has 18 standard items with the option for as many as 10 items designed by the instructor. A four-page report is produced. Written student comments can be solicited on either form. Both IDEA Reports provide student ratings of progress on specific objectives identified by the instructor as essential or important to the course, statistical detail to help interpret the report accurately, and course description/context summarized from information provided by the students and the instructor.

The TEVAL System was designed primarily for administrative purposes but can also provide useful information to the individual faculty member. The student survey form has 14 standard items with the option for as many as 20 additional items designed by either the department or the instructor. A half page is lined for written student comments. The one-page TEVAL Report provides means and frequency distributions with adjusted scores for the three items that rate overall teaching effectiveness, increased desire to learn, and amount learned. If the instructor chooses, responses to 12 items providing his/her perception of the class are included in the Report.