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Education Abroad


   I spent the fall 2012 semester in Växjö, Sweden at Linnaeus University (or Linnéuniversitetet in Swedish). Upon arriving in Växjö I fell in love with the campus and the town. Situated between two lakes, Växjösjön and Teleborgsjön, and just south of the city center, Linnaeus University was a great place to live and study with students from all around the world. Throughout the semester I was able to take in and take part in various Swedish traditions and festivals like making traditional Swedish meatballs with my friend’s family and grilling moose burgers in the typical Swedish rain. One of my favorite Swedish traditions and holidays, though, was Saint Lucia which takes place on December 13 of each year. The local high school prepares multiple choir recitals throughout the day and performs customary songs and dances by candlelight in the local cathedral.

   Throughout the semester I was able to travel throughout Europe and Southern Sweden with some great friends. I spent Christmas in Rome, New Year’s Eve in Prague, took in a Mumford & Son’s concert in Dublin, and watched K-State Football in a pub in London. This has been an amazing semester through and through and I cannot wait for the opportunity to go back! 

Logan is a senior majoring in human ecology. Logan studied abroad at Linnaeus University in 
Vaxjo, Sweden during the fall 2012 semester.
pictures in sweden