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Study Abroad

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The Process of Study Abroad at K-State


  • Students meet with a peer advisor during walk in advisor (8 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday).
  • Informational sessions about language credit transfer, scholarships & financial aid, and health & safety are hosted through the semester.
  • After researching programs, students meet with a study abroad advisor. Advisors help students decide on a program, review funding and scholarships, look at courses and credit, and start the student on the application process. The academic advisor helps students choose their classes.  A financial aid officer helps students with funding opportunities.
  • Students turn in the K-State application by October 14 or March 15 (some programs have an earlier deadline).
  • Applications are reviewed and sent to host institutions, when required. Once students are accepted into the program abroad, they are notified of their acceptance status.  A study abroad fee of $150 is administered when students commit to their program. An administrative fee is built into the program fee for faculty-led study abroad programs and is not charged separately.
  • Once accepted, students attend a country/regional orientation and the mandatory study abroad orientation where the following topics are discussed: academics and enrollment abroad, health and medical matters, cultural adjustment, travel safety, money issues, travel preparations and current political situations.
  • Students enroll in MLANG 001 for 12 credits for the semester or 6 credits for the summer. This keeps them enrolled full-time at K-State and enables them to receive financial aid, if eligible. A $25 enrollment fee is charged for this class, not regular tuition. Enrollment in MLANG 001 for 12 (or 6) credits does NOT mean students take 12 (or 6) credits abroad (they may take more or fewer credits). Students going on faculty-led programs enroll in the indicated course(s).
  • Students on K-State Faculty-Led programs are often charged program costs in installments during the semester(s) prior to the trip. Many times, the money is used to reserve housing, transportation, etc. and must be collected prior to the program start-date. Students going on other kinds of programs sponsored by K-State are billed by the Office of International Programs accordingly at the normal time tuition is billed at the beginning of the semester or summer. Sometimes students pay housing or other costs overseas. Students on direct enrollment programs are billed by the host or sponsoring institution.
  • Students going on K-State programs or with a host that does not provide health insurance will enroll in the K-State Study Abroad Insurance Plan and will be billed for the number of days requested.

While Abroad

  • When students arrive at the study abroad site, they are encouraged to notify parents and the study abroad office immediately. Students remain in contact with the Office of International Programs during the term abroad.

Returning Home

  • Upon return, students are expected to check in with the Study Abroad Office to report on their experience abroad and fill out a program evaluation.
  • During the first month of the semester, the Study Abroad Office will contact the student to attend a re-entry workshop.
  • Students will be notified by email when their transcript arrives.