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Education Abroad


Anderson Hall

Photo: Anderson Hall - Icon of the Manhattan campus

Manhattan is also known as the "Little Apple" (because Manhattan, New York City, New York is known as the "Big Apple"). The Little Apple rates among the best college towns in America. Manhattan features a campus entertain district, vibrant downtown, mall, commercial airport with direct daily flights to Dallas and Chicago, and one of the nation’s best public school systems. The area is home to outdoor recreation areas like city parks, a state park with a large lake, a recreation trail that circles the city and one of the largest tallgrass prairies in North America. Manhattan is often recognized in national publications like Forbes and Men’s Journal for its quality of living. The city is home to more than 52,000 people, and more than 113,000 live in the metro area. 



Manhattan is a college town located in North East Kansas in Riley and Pottawatomie Counties. It is also located next to the Army Military base, Fort Riley. Manhattan is situated heart of the an are called the Flint Hills, a beautiful region of rolling short grass prairie.

File:Riley County Kansas Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Manhattan Highlighted.svgThings to do and see

Manhattan offers many places to go and see. The most popular among college students is visiting Aggieville, shopping downtown, checking out the restaurant and bar district across from the campus, and walking local trails.


Above: One of the hiking trails at the Konza Prarrie, just outside of Manhattan!

Varsity truck

Above: The Varsity Donut truck, located just off campus in Aggieville, the restaurant and shopping district. Serving grilled cheese mac-n-cheese sandwiches, donuts, and more! 

The Manhattan Campus

K-State Manhattan is the largest campus and was established in 1863 and is home to the K-State sports teams.

K-State Entrance
Hale Library

(Left) Pictured here is Hale Library. Hale library offers quiet floors along with group collaboration floors and Einstein Bagels, a bagel and coffee shop.

(Right) The campus has 3 dormitory complexes, and 2 on-campus apartment complexes. Pictured here are the Kramer and Derby dormitory complexes.