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Education Abroad

Life in Kansas

Flag of Kansas


Kansas is a Midwestern state that epitomizes the United States heartland and is located in the middle of the US. Kansas (KS) is bordered by Nebraska (NE) on the north; Missouri (MO) on the east; Oklahoma (OK) on the south; and Colorado (CO) on the west.

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About Manhattan

Kansas State University (K-State) has three campuses in Kansas with Manhattan being the "main" campus. Aviation programs are located only on our Salina campus. Our Olathe campus is dedicated to application-based, integrated research and education for a continuum of learners. At the heart of the city of Manhattan is K-State; students and families cannot leave their homes without seeing purple. There are so many things to do at K-State, but there is even more to do in Manhattan. It is a very family-friendly and safe city, and there are always festivals, events, and activities for residents. Students make up a large part of the population of Manhattan, and restaurants, businesses, and organizations often work with and offer deals to students.

Getting Around

Most domestic students bring cars to Manhattan, but it is very easy to get by without one. Students are welcome to bike to campus or all over Manhattan, as it is a bike-friendly community with bike lanes and plenty of bike racks across campus. It is also possible to walk to a lot of locations in Manhattan, especially on the K-State campus where students can walk from one end to the other in just over 10 minutes. There is also the ATA bus service and Safe Ride program, which provide fixed-route transportation to students for free.

Why K-State?

With the development of the K-State 2025 Plan, the university is on its way to becoming one of the nation’s top 50 public research universities. K-State is also home to one of the nation’s happiest and healthiest student populations who work hard and care for one another. The concept and feeling of family runs deep within the city of Manhattan, current students, and alumni and friends all over the world. 

Campus Life and Student Services

The K-State campus is incredibly active with something fun or educational for students to do every day. There are over 450 clubs and organizations available for students to join. Whether it is the Skydiving Club, K-State Student Foundation, or the Waterski Team, K-State has something for any student interest. K-State also offers plenty of student services like Lafene Health Center, Office of Student Life, or English and Counseling Services. These services are designed to help students be successful in all aspects of life while staying healthy and engaged.