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Education Abroad

International Exchange Student of the Month

Stepanka Cerna

Home University and Country: Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Major: Social Work


When deciding to study abroad, how did you decide to come to K-State rather than another university?

The main reason why I have picked KSU were the classes I was interested in and that I could be taking here. 

stepanka 1

What sort of activities were you doing outside of your classes? Describe what you do with this. How did you go about finding it?

I would recommend to every student to go to the Conversational café which takes place Wednesdays 7pm at K-State Union (at campus). It is a perfect opportunity to meet people from the United states as well as from other countries from all over the world. It was every week occasion for practicing English and having fun. It was interesting to meet people from other cultures and learn from each other I also met friends who I believe I will keep in touch with. Every week there is a topic for discussion that took place in smaller groups, then games and food. The Conversational café is organized by campus club Bridges and there are many other events sponsored by this club almost every week that you may attend. During my stay we went camping, played bowling, had bonfire at a farm, had a dance party in a barn house, had a movie night and a lot of others. We also spent nice Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together. Christian religion is a big part of the Kansas culture, so you can learn here more about the Christian culture but always with a respect to your own beliefs (I am an atheist). It was about fun, friendship and learning. I am glad I found Bridges and I recommend it to everybody coming to KSU. It is hard to describe the atmosphere of it, go and try it on your own😉.

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What did you think of the US upon arrival? Was it what you expected or were there any big surprises?

I was a bit afraid how I will like it here but now I know I could not have chosen better place. Manhattan, Kansas is beautiful, calm, but not boring and people here are kind and open towards the international students.

What is your favorite part about being a K-State student?

Openness and kindness of people here in Manhattan and opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Would you mind sharing a phrase or word from your home country and what it means?

“Šla bych do toho znovu” = “I would go for it again”

 stepanka 3