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Education Abroad

International Exchange Student of the Month

Toykan Dogan

Home University and Country: Bogazici University, Turkey

Major: Business Administration

Year at K-State: Junior 

When deciding to study abroad, how did you decide to come to K-State rather than another university?

As someone who was born in the biggest metropolitan area in Europe: Istanbul, I have always felt the lack of living in a small town with a close-knit community, just like one in Manhattan, KS. I had various options to think about while I was on the decision process of my upcoming exchange semester, but my decision was already set: K-State, the Heartland- which is exactly why John Mellencamp’s saying: “Oh, those small communities” …

SOM Toykan Willie


What sort of service learning or project are you doing outside of your classes? Describe what you do with this. How did you go about finding it?

Most of you know that I’m currently hosting a radio show in K-State’s station: 91.9 KSDB! The show’s called “Interstate 70” and I’m broadcasting the best of Heartland and Classic Rock to Manhattan, Riley County and Junction City. Well, I used to be a radio show host back in my home country for nearly two years, and I thought that it would be an amazing opportunity to continue that kind of a “hobby” of my own in a different state- and sharing those good ol’ tracks with those amazing people of state of Kansas. And thanks to KSDB family, for letting me to be a part of this wonderful community.


Interstate 70 show Toykan SOM


What did you think of the US upon arrival? Was it what you expected or were there any big surprises?

I have lived in the United States for a long period of time, but not in the Midwest. Here is quite different from the West, especially the climate and the landscape. Some people say Kansas is flatter than a pancake, which is quite correct I guess. 

What is your favorite part about being a K-State student?

The sense of belongingness. Being a part of K-State family is such an amazing feeling!


SOM Toykan Anderson Hall


Would you mind sharing a phrase or word from your home country and what it means?

We say “Şerefe!” when we propose a toast, especially Raki, our traditional anise-flavored liquor. Which simply means, I’m raising this glass in your honor.