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Education Abroad

Kansas State University in Italy

Buongiorno e benvenuti! If you're interested in teaching Kansas State students in the bel paese, consider joining the Kansas State University in Italy program!

Kansas State University in Italy

Kansas State University in Italy (KSUI) is Kansas State's affiliate entity in Italy, based in the historic town of Orvieto, Umbria. For over ten years, the College of Architecture, Planning, & Design has operated a robust, semester-long program in Orvieto. In 2017, the Office of International Programs added the first summer program, which included five courses taught by eight instructors. All programs are run with the oversight of Serena Croce, the KSUI Program Director, who is based at Centro Studi in Orvieto. 

We'd love for you to run a program under the auspices of Kansas State University in Italy, as well! Currently, you have a couple options in teaching and leading a course:

  • Summer Program
    • A four-week program that runs from late May to early June
    • Instructors each teach one three-credit course alongside other KSU colleagues
    • Student participants will enroll in two three-credit courses
    • Course activities are integrated into the program calendar, which includes weekend excursions to Rome and Florence
    • Serena Croce helps organize all student support services and activities
  • Faculty-Led Program
    • A customized program that combines an academic course with a study tour abroad
    • Courses may run during fall or spring semester
    • Study tours may run over Fall Break, Winter Break, or Spring Break
    • The faculty leader(s) organize the tour logistics, possibly with the assistance of third-party collaborators

In the near future, we hope to activate other options, such as a Winter Program. If you are interested in any sort of collaboration with Kansas State University in Italy, feel free to contact Education Abroad!

Kansas State University in Italy Summer Program Proposal

To propose a course for the Kansas State University in Italy Summer program, please submit the following three elements before the May 1st deadline to Joe Milostan, Director of Education Abroad, (milosta1@ksu.edu):

Please note that proposals that do not include requested details within their course syllabi and marketing plans may not be selected. To maximize program enrollment courses with pre-requisites are discouraged.

Program Proposal Submission Deadlines

To ensure that students have time to consider and apply for your program, we have set the following deadlines to guide your submission of a proposal. We arrange deadlines based on the term you will award course credit.

If you choose to lead a fall or spring semester course attached to a distinct study tour, you may submit a proposal under our standard faculty-led proposal submission process and deadlines.

If you want to join the Kansas State University in Italy Summer program, which has its own application process, you will need to submit your proposal slightly earlier than a standard faculty-led summer program proposal. (See below for details.)

Course Term:Proposal Deadline:
Fall Semester (Faculty-Led)December 1st of the Prior Year
Spring Semester (Faculty-Led)May 1st of the Prior Year
Summer ProgramMay 1st of the Prior Year