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Education Abroad

Language Course Equivalencies

Students planning to enroll in language courses while abroad will be asked to complete a Modern Languages (MLANG) Credit Transfer Worksheet, in addition to the Academic Approval Form, as a part of their application process. 

This worksheet was created as a supplemental document to the Academic Approval Form to help facilitate the transfer of language credit from an institution abroad to KSU.  Students taking language courses abroad will not know the specific language courses in which they will enroll until they have arrived at the host institution and have taken a placement test.  Therefore, they cannot list the specific courses on the Academic Approval Form.  Instead, the MLANG Credit Transfer worksheet asks for information such as:

  • In what language are you planning to take your courses while studying abroad?
  • Please list the courses in the proposed language of study for which you have already received university-level credit, or are currently enrolled.
  • Please list the language and culture courses you plan to take while studying abroad
  • How do you wish your study abroad credits to be applied?

Since this worksheet is not a separate form, but is a part of their online application, there is not an example to show Advisors.  However, the instructions for the form can be viewed at https://ksu.studioabroad.com/_customtags/ct_FileRetrieve.cfm?File_ID=2491

All classes taken and successfully completed abroad transfer back to K-State as general credit. Modern Languages faculty then assign credit equivalencies to K-State classes depending on the coursework the student took before study abroad, the number of class hours taken abroad, the proficiency exit level of classes abroad (basic, intermediate, advanced, superior), and the purpose for the study abroad experience (language major or minor, international business certificate, humanities elective, etc.).

For the purpose of financial aid and credit transfer assistance, all students who participate in language-based independent or faculty-led study abroad programs must fill out the Academic Approval Form requesting preapproval for specific classes. For language study abroad, however, students only fill in the name of the program (ISA-Granada, ITESM-Monterrey, Blaise Pascal-Vichy, JLU-Giessen, etc.), the K-State program to which credits will apply (major or minor, certificate, elective, etc.), the number of hours projected to be taken abroad, and a rough estimate of K-State equivalent hours. The Department of Modern Languages will do the rest. A signature from a Modern Languages faculty member is not required (see back of Academic Approval Form), since placement in classes abroad depends on the placement exam at the foreign institution. However, all Academic Approval Forms must be signed by the students’ major advisor. This includes language majors in the Department of Modern Languages.