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Education Abroad

Academic Advising

Before you decide on a program, you should check in with your Academic Advisor to ensure that a given international experience fits well with your academic plan.  Your advisor may have suggestions for programs that best fit your major or minor, can help you find courses that may transfer back to K-State, and help you enroll in courses once you return from abroad.  You can find the contact information for your Academic Advisor in iSIS.

Academic Approval for Coursework Abroad

Before going abroad, all students must fill out an Academic Approval Form, found in their online K-State applications.  The Academic Approval Form is a way for you to confirm how certain courses abroad will transfer back to K-State.  It also serves as documentation for the Office of Student Financial Assistance that you will be taking enough credits to qualify for financial aid, if eligible. When you are applying to study abroad, review the list of courses offered at your host institution of study, and print off course descriptions of the classes you are interested in taking. Bring these to a meeting with your Academic Advisor, or a designated representative in the Academic Department or College from which you are requesting credit, so that person can pre-approve how your experience abroad and proposed courses will count toward your K-State degree.

When you study abroad, you may arrive at your host university and discover that you cannot enroll in some of the classes that you initially wanted.  If this happens, do not panic!  Simply go ahead and enroll in new courses that best fit your needs.  After you enroll, you should email your Academic Advisor and Education Abroad Advisor, who will then begin to work on finding appropriate K-State equivalencies for the classes in which you enrolled.  You and your Academic Advisor can either complete a revised Academic Approval Form at that time or a Request for Validation of Credit after you return to K-State.

Modern Language Credit Transfer

If you are planning to take language classes abroad, you must go through a slightly different credit transfer process.  Although you still must complete an Academic Approval Form, you should note only that you will be taking language credit, instead of indicating a specific course.  This process is necessary because you will most likely take a placement test upon arrival at your host university that will determine in which class you are enrolled.  In other words, you cannot pre-plan and gain prior approval for language classes taken abroad.  

Once accepted into a study abroad program that includes language courses, you should also complete the Modern Language Transfer Credit Worksheet.  Upon your return to K-State, the Modern Languages Department will evaluate your transcripts from abroad, and, using the information on the Modern Language Transfer Credit Worksheet, will determine how the classes will count toward your degree of study.

Every semester there are several Modern Language Credit Transfer Sessions hosted by the Education Abroad Office and Modern Languages Department. Attendance to one of these sessions is required for students taking Spanish classes and strongly recommended for other language students.  For dates, times, and locations of these sessions, see our Important Dates and Deadlines page.

Once you complete an Academic Approval Form, you're ready to apply for a program!

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