University Experience Lecture Topics

Using this Course Effectively
Judith Lynch, University Experience coordinator and
Honesty and Integrity Peer Educators (HIPE)

Discovering Yourself
Michelle Haupt, Academic & Career Information Center (ACIC)

Using Your Strengths
Mike Finnegan, Leadership Studies

Planning for Academic Success
Judith Lynch, University Experience coordinator

Preventing Sexual Violence
Mary Todd, Women's Center

Behaving Responsibly
Bill Kennedy III, former Riley Co. Attorney

Preventing AIDS and other STDs
Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators (SHAPE)

Learning Outside the Classroom
Student Activities and Recreational Center

Developing Leadership Skills
Blue Key and Mortar Board members

Beginning the Career Search
Career & Employment Services

Appreciating Cultural Differences
Rebeca Paz and Student Panel

Improving Cross-Cultural Skills
Study Abroad Program/ International Teams

Using Money Wisely
Powercat Financial Counseling

Getting Help When Needed
University Counseling Services