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Employment Opportunities

Student Positions:


Supplemental Instruction Leader for Fall 2017

APPLY NOW  - Applications due by Friday, April 7th


Job Title:  Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader

Department: Academic Assistance Center

Compensation: $9.00/hr.

Status: Part-time (5+ hours per week)


Job Summary:                  

An SI leader guides study groups in a specific course. SI leaders assist students in further engagement with course content through collaboration with peers in the course, working to compare notes, discuss challenging concepts, share study and test-taking strategies, and demonstrate learning. These study labs will be held at least two times a week for the duration of the semester for a total of 50 minutes per session. SI leaders also attend class meetings of the designated course, take notes, and review homework and assigned class material. 


Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide at least two 50-minute supplemental instruction sessions per week. In these sessions, encourage and model reasoning and questioning skills relevant to the subject, review notes, cover and reinforce course expectations, and field students’ questions.
  • Attend all the lectures for the designated course. Take notes as if you were a student in the class and be familiar with quiz and test content. You are expected to be familiar with all course material.
  • SI leaders will be responsible for attending a training/orientation prior to each term and participate in professional development throughout the semester. 
  • Meet with the professor/instructor on a regular basis to discuss the class, and keep them informed of what you are doing in your sessions.
  • Keep records of student participation, and report any problems to the appropriate contact.



  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above is required
  • Traditionally undergraduate students.  Preference will be given to students at the sophomore level and above.
  • SI leaders are good student role models, are committed to the concept of academic success for all students, desire to teach others how to learn, are able to relate to a diverse group of people, and have demonstrated success in courses.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills are required.