Internet2 Members Update - May 1999
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INTERNET2 NEWS >> Spring 1999 Internet2 Member Meeting The over 200 Internet2 member organizations were represented by nearly 500 attendees at the Spring 1999 Internet2 Meeting held in Washington D.C. on April 28. The event focused on the efforts of Internet2 members to extend advanced networking on campuses, and included presentations by Internet2 members and gigaPoPs. Details, including presentations from the meeting are available at:

International Collaboration Update
Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo and California Governor Gary Davis were present as Internet2 and Mexico's Corporacisn Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet (CUDI) signed an agreement on May 19, 1999 to collaborate on the development of advanced Internet technologies and applications for research and education. For more information on the announcement, see:
For more information on CUDI, see:

Singapore and the United States Collaborate to Advance Internet
SingAREN (the Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network) and Internet2 project agreed to collaborate on the development of advanced networking technologies and applications. SingAREN is the first research and education network in Asia to sign such an agreement. Details are at: More information on SignAREN is available at

NORDUnet, SURFnet and Internet2 agreed to connect their research and education backbone networks. Peering in New York City is possible through high-speed links across the Atlantic provided by Teleglobe. The networks will also connect at STAR TAP, the international connection point in Chicago funded by the National Science Foundation. This interconnect extends unprecedented advanced networking between US and both Nordic and Dutch academic communities.
For more information on NORDUNET, see:
More information on SURFnet is available at:

Internet2 Videospace
Internet2 Videospace is a collaborative effort by Internet2, Northwestern University, AVID Technologies and IBM to distribute Internet2-related digital video content to Internet2 members over advanced networks such as Abilene and the vBNS. The Videospace website provides access to video from Internet2 meetings and related events. The video files linked from the Internet2 Videospace are MPEG encoded at rates up to 7 Mbps, so accessing them requires a high-performance network connection. For access to high-quality video content and more information about Internet2 Videospace, see:

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Upcoming Events
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Internet2 Events
3rd NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop ,6-9 June 1999, Pittsburgh, PA

Fall 1999 Internet2 Project Meeting, 11-13 October 1999, Seattle, WA

Internet2 Days
For more information about Internet2 Days, see: or contact Ted Hanss

Internet2 Related Events
INET'99 - The Internet2 Pavilion at INET'99 will showcase advanced network applications being developed by Internet2 universities. INET'99 is the 9th edition of the Internet Society's (ISOC) annual international event, which is regarded as a premier event for advancing the development and implementation of Internet networks, technologies, applications, and policies worldwide
For more information about INET'99, see the ISOC website at: "

TERENA-NORDUnet Networking Conference 1999
7-10 June 1999, Lund, Sweden "

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