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Report from NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop, June 6-9, 1999

Over 150 people met at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on June 6-9 for the third NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop. Talks and birds-of-a-feather sessions over the three days covered a range of topics, from network measurement to reports on multicast and quality of service deployment. A number of gigaPoPs provided reports on their own experiences and deployment status. Updates on the NSF's High Performance Connections program, the very high performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS) and Abilene were also presented.

A detailed report will be available soon on the Internet2 website. For a complete agenda, presentation archives and more, see:

Internet2 at INET'99

Internet2 universities working in collaboration with international partners, demonstrated the potential of advanced networking on June 22nd to 25th at INET'99, the Internet Society's annual international conference, in San Jose, California. Presentations about Internet2 at INET499 included an update on a broad range of activities underway by Internet2 members, as well a report on the Internet2 QBone initiative. For more more information and additional links, see: For more information about INET'99, see:

Abilene Update

Multicast Service Launched

Abilene's multicast backbone was completed on June 11th, enabling high-quality multicast not possible over traditional networks. As part of a pilot demonstration in May, NASA's NREN network and scientific users from the CalREN2 institutions Stanford University and the University of California at Santa Cruz successfully sustained 50Mbps multicast streams over the Abilene network. NREN and gigaPoPs in Oregon, California, and Indiana have production multicast peering with Abilene and the rollout of multicast peering with additional gigaPoPs is expected to accelerate.

Revamped Abilene Website

A revamped website for the Abilene project will provide the latest information on the status of the network. The new site includes current lists of institutions connecting to, and participating in, Abilene, as well as weekly updates and real-time reporting from the Abilene Network Operations Center (NOC). Over 35 institutions are already connected to Abilene and connections to another 34 institutions are underway. For the latest information about the Abilene network, see:

Internet2 QBone Version 1.0

The "QBone Architecture 1.0" document will be posted after the comment period closes on July 19. The QBone Architecture document (currently version 0.6) is a product of the Internet2 QoS Working Group, in collaboration with Internet2 engineering staff and the Internet2 QBone initiative participants.

The Internet2 QBone is an interdomain testbed for differentiated services (DiffServ) that seeks to provide the higher-education community with end-to-end services to support emerging advanced networked applications.

For more information on the QBone and links to the QBone Architecture Draft document, see: .

The Internet2 Middleware Initiative Update

To help create interoperable middleware infrastructures among Internet2 members and related communities, the Internet2 Middleware Initiative (I2MI) is developing a website, scheduled for launch next month, that will provide an overview of key middleware issues as well as a guide to self-assessment tools that will enable a campus to evaluate and enhance its own middleware capabilities.

Digital certificates and an associated public key infrastructure are of particular interest. I2MI will be working with Educause and other higher-education and research partners in the next few months to examine interoperabilitiy issues that have emerged as Internet2 members and partners have begun experimenting with their use. Look for a report at the end of the summer.

An in-depth tutorial and several panels on best practices will be part of a major middleware workshop being planned for the Fall 1999 Internet2 Members Meeting. Additional information will be available soon.

International Update

New Internet2 International Partners

Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) between Internet2 and both the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) and the Israel Interuniversity Computation Center (Israel-IUCC) this past month. Internet2 is forming ties with similar organizations around the world to help ensure the continued interoperability of advanced networking and to enable collaboration among US researchers, faculty, and students with their overseas counterparts. For more information about APAN, see: For more information about Israel-IUCC, please see:

New International Website

A new website provides information about Internet2's international activities. For the latest international Internet2 news and information, see:

New Internet2 Members

Regular Members - Michigan Technical University
- Jackson State University
- University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
- University of California, San Francisco
- University of Louisville
(a complete list is available at:

Upcoming Events
For more information, see:

Internet2 Events
Fall 1999 Internet2 Project Meeting, 11-13 October 1999, Seattle, WA

NetStore '99
14-15 October 1999, Seattle, WA

Internet2 Days
- Oklahoma University (September 28)
- Oklahoma State University (September 29)
For more information about Internet2 Days, see: or contact Ted Hanss at

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