Internet2 Members Update - July 1999
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Internet2 Middleware Initiative: GlueWorks Website Unveiled
The Internet2 Middleware Initiative's GlueWorks website provides an overview of middleware and the specific activities and initiatives being undertaken and explored within the Internet2 Middleware Initiative. The goal of the Internet2 Middleware Initiative (I2MI) is to assist in the creation of interoperable middleware infrastructures within the Internet2 community, including services such as identification, authentication, directories, authorization, and PKI.
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Abilene Update: New Connections
Newly activated links will join the Abilene network to the Southern Crossroads (SoX) and STAR TAP at 622 Mbps (OC-12). The connection to STAR TAP, in addition to providing improved connectivity to international networks peering with Abilene, also will result in improved performance between Abilene and the very high performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS).
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Internet2 Member Spotlight: University of Hawaii
The University of Hawaii (UH) is now connected to Abilene at the Ames NGIX, through a pioneering agreement that permits UH to share high-speed Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN) capacity from Hawaii to the mainland. The astronomical observatories atop Mauna Kea, arguably the premiere nighttime viewing site on the planet, should be connected at high speed this fall through a cooperative relationship with Gemini and with NSF support. UH used its new link to host the March GOIN99 Workshop which brought together scientists from the U.S., Japan and other countries to study and share the application of high performance networks for global change research.
In August, Hawaii is the site of NLANR's first in-depth, regional tutorial addressing topics of interest to network engineers and scientists using high performance networks.
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Final Report from NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop, June 6-9, 1999
A final summary report as well as presentation slides from the Third NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop held June 6-9, 1999 in Pittsburgh are now available. Two points received particular emphasis throughout the workshop: the need to build a constituency for advanced networks and a renewed emphasis on multicast.
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New Internet2 Members
Corporate Partners
New Corporate Members
J.P. Morgan
Foundry Networks
CapRock Communications

On-line Resources
Internet2 Glossary and Style Guide
GigaPoP: to capitalize or not to capitalize? As Internet2 members dive into unexplored networking territory, the jargon used to describe the Internet frontier is being charted as well. Now there's a roadmap for this linguistic journey. The evolving Internet2 Glossary and Style Guide is available at:

Upcoming Events
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Internet2 Events
Internet2 Working Groups and WG Chairs, August 16-18, 1999, Boulder, CO

Fall 1999 Internet2 Project Meeting 11-13 October 1999, Seattle, WA

NetStore '99, 14-15 October 1999, Seattle, WA

4th NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop, 5-9 December 1999, Miami, FL

Internet2 Days
Oklahoma University (September 28)
Oklahoma State University (September 29)
For more information about Internet2 Days, see: or contact Ted Hanss

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