Internet2 Members Update - January 1999
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Internet2 QBone Kickoff
Representatives from thirteen networking organizations met on December 1, 1998, for the first meeting of the Internet2 QBone Interoperability Group (QIG) hosted by Northwestern University. The Internet2 QBone initiative is exploring implementation of quality of service to enable advanced applications. The QIG meeting set forth QBone's organizational structure and discussed the QBone architecture, measurement issues and Bandwidth Broker prototypes.
For more information on the QBone, please see: . For details of the QIG Meeting, see:

Abilene Project Update
NSF Approves Abilene as HPNSP
The National Science Foundation has given the go ahead for the Abilene Network to be approved as a High Performance Network Service Provider when it begins operations this month. This approval allows institutions to apply NSF High Performance Connections awards towards the costs associated with connecting to Abilene.
Additional information will soon be posted to the Abilene Web site at:

Abilene Peers with CANET
UCAID and CANARIE agreed to connect the most advanced research and education backbone networks in Canada and the US. Peering between the Abilene backbone network and CANARIE's CA*net II and CA*net 3 networks will join over 70 US universities and 45 Canadian institutions by the end of 1999. For more information, see:

Joint Techs Meeting
Internet2 and NLANR held the first Joint-Techs workshop in Pittsburgh, PA in November to help bring together the gigaPoP and vBNS technical communities, of which there was already strong overlap. The workshop provided in-depth technical and engineering information on connecting to, and efficiently using, the vBNS, Abilene, and other high performance networks. A second joint workshop is planned for 7-10 March 1999.
More information will be available soon at:

Member Highlight: University of Kansas
The University of Kansas (KU) is a charter member of the Internet2 project and has been a strategic participant in the Great Plains Network, a consortium of six Great Plains states that are developing high-speed network research programs. KU has received a NSF High Performance Network Connection grant to connect to the vBNS, and will be connecting to Abilene through KANREN, the Kansas Research and Education Network.
KU recently hosted an AAAS Research Competitiveness Program Leadership Development Conference titled, "Collaborative Research in Earth Systems Science: A Workshop." More than 60 scientists from research universities in the Midwest and beyond gathered to focus on developing multi-institutional collaborative research in five specific areas:

Other organizations involved in the conference were the state EPSCoR programs and the Great Plains Network for Earth Systems Science. For more information on University of Kansas and advanced networking, see: .

New Internet2 Members
Regular Members

Corporate Partners (a complete list is available at:

Council Nominations
Nominations for the Network Planning and Policy Advisory Council (NPPAC), Network Research Liaison Council (NRLC) and Applications Strategy Council (ASC), and the Industry Strategy Council (ISC) will be accepted until January 25, 1999. The Nominating committee will review all nominations and put forth recommendations for approval by the Board at their March meeting.
The new Council members will be announced at the April 1999 Spring Member Meeting. For further information on submitting names to the Nominating Committee chaired by President Molly Broad please see:

Request for Images: Internet2 Annual Report
The Internet2 Annual Report is in production and a highlight will be advanced applications. If you have an interesting image generated by an advanced applications, or a picture of someone using an advanced app, send a copy (or a pointer) to:

Upcoming Events
For more information, see:
QIG Planning Meeting
26 January 1999
Research Triangle Park, NC

Internet2 Digital Video Network (I2-DVN) Meeting
27-28 January 1999
Research Triangle Park, NC

Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure (I2-DSI) Applications Workshop
4-5 March 1999
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC

Joint NLANR/Internet2 Techs Workshop
7-10 March 1999
Las Cruces, NM

Fall 1999 Internet2 Project Meeting
11-13 October 1999
Seattle, WA

Internet2 Days
Campus Internet2 Days are designed to build interest in advanced networked applications among faculty, staff and students and Internet2 universities. Upcoming Internet2 Days include:
Florida State University (5 February 1999)
University of Pennsylvania (15 March 1999)
For more information about Internet2 Days, see: or contact Ted Hanss at

Internet2 Opportunities
Leonard Kleinrock, a member of the original Internet2 Advisory Committee and chairman of the Technology Transfer Institute (TTI), is offering executives from Internet2 member institutions a special opportunity to participate TTI's unique Vanguard executive conference program at a significant discount.
Vanguard is an executive forum for the discussion and evaluation of emerging information technologies and how they will affect the commercial, government, education and research communities. Vanguard is about discovering technological possibilities and is a community that links its members to the world's most powerful thought leaders. Through conferences and publications, experts offer perspectives from the scientific, managerial, business and sociological disciplines. The Vanguard program allows face-to-face conversations with business leaders such as Bill Gates, John Sculley, James Clark, Brian Ferren, Fred Brooks, Danny Hillis, Marvin Minsky, Bob Metcalfe, George Gilder and many others. For more information about TTI's Vanguard program, please see:

National Institute for Science Education (NISE) Fellow
The National Institute for Science Education (NISE), funded by the National Science Foundation and based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has openings for 2-3 one-year Fellows to support the NSF's planned "SMETE Library," a digital library designed to support undergraduate education. The openings are for the 1999-2000 College Level One (CL-1) Institute.
The CL-1 Institute brings together nationally recognized post-secondary SMET faculty and education researchers to synthesize knowledge in critical areas of undergraduate SMET education. The 1999-2000 CL-1 Institute will address the use of technology in introductory undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (SMET) courses. For more information, please visit:

Online Resources
Below are some of the online resources available to Internet2 Members.

Internet2 Virtual Seminar
The Creating Internet2 Virtual Seminar provides an introduction to the Internet2 project. More information about the Creating Internet2 Virtual Seminar is available from CREN on the Web at:

Internet2 Member Representative Directories

Internet2 Graphics and Presentations

Do you have a news item or event you'd like the Internet2 community to know about? Send a brief description to Greg Wood at:

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