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Nov. 2, 1999  •   Kansas State Collegian
Professors from K-State, 2 other universities combine to offer online course
When distinguished professor of plant pathology Jan Leach begins her lecture in Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, students in three states begin to listen.

Oct. 22, 1999  •   Lincoln Journal Star
Internet2 extends class width to three states
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In what appears to be a national first, a plant pathology course uses the high-speed Internet2 to link students and professors across thousands of miles for live, interactive -- and often lively -- class sessions.

Oct. 15, 1999  •   News Services, Kansas State University
Plant pathology course taught via Internet2
K-State is collaborating with Nebraska and Oregon State Universities to broadcast a plant pathology course via Internet2.

Oct. 15, 1999  •   News Services, Kansas State University
K-State Internet2 course on the "bleeding edge of technology"
Composing a wish list of over a dozen projects that K-State researchers would like to do but that would be almost impossible without the Internet2 resulted in a very high bandwidth network services grant that essentially purchased the needed bandwidth to link K-State to the academic-use-only broad bandwidth successor to the Internet.


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November 2, 1999