2025 Visionary Plan

K-State Olathe - University Strategic Action Plan Comments

From June 22, 2012 - October 1, 2012, the K-State community was asked to provide feedback on the university 2025 strategic action plan recommended by our K-State Olathe Planning Committee. This report compiles the online comments and suggestions received during the formal comment period.

Submitted Do you agree with the proposed thematic goal for K-State Olathe? Is there anything missing that should be included in the action plan for K-State Olathe? General Comments?
July 25, 2012 Yes Yes - I feel there needs to be an outcome on providing continuing education/professional development opportunities to meet industry needs and to continue to share "best practices" and expertise to the area workforce. Whenever Johnson County extension is mentioned, I think it should be changed to the Kansas City Metropolitan Research and Extension offices. Right now that would include Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami Counties, and the Horticulture Center in Olathe. As the metro area grows, we may want to include other counties like Douglas and Leavenworth. This would also provide opportunity to collaborate with Missouri Research and Extension since it is metro wide. #14 activity: I would add research partnership to the list: ...preferred partner for graduate education, workforce development, research partnership, and technology transfer. I feel that industry will want to partner on research and not just technology transfer. #17 activity: I think we should include campuses. ...K-State campuses, colleges, departments, ... #18 activity: I think this is too detailed. Being so specific on the fab lab, hotel/conference center, etc. looks like we have plans and will do these things. I don't think that has been decided and we may find that we do not want a hotel/conference center, but we will partner with someone to make this possible. We may also find that the needs for a fab lab are already being met and are not needed. These are just examples, but feel the statement needs to be general. In the outcomes, second from the bottom on the first page: Expand strategic (add the word strategic) partnerships with industry. ... Corps and Founds has a description of the partnership continuum and strategic is the most engaged relationship with industry. Great work! The only other concern I have is that there is no clear measurement on many of the outcomes. Not sure it is needed, but it is sometimes important to have ways to measure our successes. I also feel the number of students and faculty are very high and may not be doable. It is a great goal to have, but this is a new model for K-State and it takes time to build the programs.
July 25, 2012 Yes - I do like having an action plan to work from and goals to work towards. I believe the action plan gives K-State Olathe more of a foundation to build on, provides direction, and offers visible, concrete objectives. I think the plan is too aggressive, comparing the timeline with the goals. I think the goals are doable; it will take more time to reach them. No - I'm not seeing anything in particular. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Strategic Action Plan.
July 26, 2012 Yes Yes - I would also include the development of strategies that connect the pipeline from K-12 to the workforce. This strategy would include partnerships with K12 school districts, business/industry, research, and faculty.
Aug. 16, 2012 Yes No